How We Began

And who we are today…

In 1940 a missionary, Harold Lewis, held a tent campaign and from that started a regular children’s meeting and adult Church meeting in a hut on the site of our Youth Hall and bookshop. The present Church building was built by the people themselves and the first floor opened in 1955.
Many people have become followers of Jesus Christ over the years, their lives being changed by his grace and the work has expanded. So for over 70 years the Church has served God and this community.

Today it is a lively and diverse group of ordinary people of all ages from many different backgrounds who are;

Gospel – Centered:
Gospel simply means “Good News” The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that people who have sinned can be made right with God by repenting (feel deep regret and remorse) of their sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. A person who lives a “Gospel – Centered” life, believes the gospel of Jesus Christ. A true Christian must be a gospel – centered person because Christianity is a lifestyle, not an activity. Knowing about Jesus Christ does not make you a Christian, but knowing Christ does.

Growing Together:

Serving Others: